Mail Stationery for Apple’s Mail application!


“Stationery for Mail” provides you with amazing designs for your e-mails. Compose your text, personalize it with your photos and send it via Apple’s Mail. Your great-looking e-mail will definitely be appreciated. Whether you need to congratulate your friend, invite him to the party, or simply send your greeting cards - there’s a wonderful stationery for every occasion.

Keep the conversation flowing by the “Stationery for Mail”. It’s the Mail Templates you will use ever and ever again.

Mail Templates

Collection includes 160 nicely grouped templates. There are lots of categories available, including “Holidays”, “Invitations”, “Destination”, “Formal”, “Sentimental”, “Special Occasions” and “Miscellaneous”. A great variety of designs is available in every category, and you will not run out of choices. Furthermore, creating a nice-looking e-mail will only take you a few seconds and you will have a great amount of fun. It’s the best e-mail experience you will ever have!

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