Clipart Collection for iWork, iWeb, iBooks Author and other applications on Mac OS X.


Clipart Collection is an amazing set of 500 high quality pictures to be used in various documents, websites, presentations and other projects. It is compatible with many well-known Apple applications like Keynote, Pages, Numbers, iWeb, iBooks Author and others. In addition to this, it can be used with MS Office programs like Word, PowerPoint and Excel. All the pictures contain transparent backgrounds and are easy to implement into any piece of work.

Highest quality clipart for your valuable documents, websites, e-books, presentations and many more! Add amazing design elements into your work!

Clipart Collection

Using the stunning pictures in your projects will add more colors and visual attractiveness. Try Clipart Collection and discover more than you expected.

The pictures are available in PNG and PDF file formats. PNGs are the highest quality pictures and are commonly used for various projects. They remain gorgeous even if you decrease their dimensions to fit nicely into your documents. Moreover, they are easily converted into other file formats like TIF or JPG.

PDF pictures do not lose their quality while being resized to extremely large dimensions. They are useful for a great variety of big size printable projects like posters or even billboard advertisements. With a little help of your imagination, some parts of huge pictures can also be used as a background in presentations or as additional design elements in various documents.

Preview includes some random pictures from the collection only. It does not represent the full assortment and the actual size of the pictures.